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Gift Box +

GIFT BOX + PRO Unlocks The Full Potential Of The Best Automatic Gift Accepting Software

Upgrade your GiftBox+ to PRO and unlock the full power of the best tool for accepting game gifts and requests from your friends. PRO version allows you to use a very powerful feature to get all extra game bonuses straight from your wall. It has never been easier!

With the new integrated web engine into GiftBox+ the whole accepting process is more stable than ever. After each gift/request is accepted GiftBox+ will show you the preview of the game page and the gift you've just accepted.

 GiftBox+GiftBox+ Pro
Browser Engine:ticktick
Accept Friends:ticktick
Accept Gifts:ticktick
Accept Wall Bonuses:crosstick
AD Free:crosstick
Automatic Collection:crosstick
High Speed:crosstick

GiftBox+ PRO
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GiftBox+ PRO

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