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BOTOHOLIC was created in order to serve the needs of online game players, who like to play their games, but also value their time. There are currently lots of online games we all play and compete in, but it takes time to tend to our crops, virtual pets and to cook all the dishes in time in order to make our virtual customers happy. Wouldn't it be more fun to have a tool that could do all the boring tasks for you? If you feel the same way as we do, you've just found the BEST solution!


Products We Offer You

Castle Master
Mafia Master  City Master
City Master  Empire Master
Cooking Master  Frontier Master
Farming Master  Pet Master


With BOTOHOLIC you can leave your computer and go out, while our tool keeps leveling up and earning the precious coins for You. We're also the ONLY tool that doesn't take control of mouse pointer in order to play, which means you can MINIMIZE your web browser and BOTOHOLIC will play the game in the background. How good is that? That means you can do other things on your computer and just check on the game progress from time to time.


We've recorded tutorial videos to show You how our bots work. Take a free tour and check them out in the PRODUCTS PANEL.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers to majority of inquiries you may have. If you don't find the answers on that page, feel free to use our Contact Panel to ask us a direct question via the web form.

Listen To What Our Users Say

Alex de Vries Product: Cooking Master

"I'm a game addict of sort and having quite a few games that require short-term checking al the time,besides playing games like wow and other few large mmo's this bot really helps out by doing your gaming chores on facebook. i can say proudly that my cooking master is almost running 24/7 and it helps me grow daily about 25%~35% now,it might d/c once in a while due some new contend or forced refresh but it's always fixed fast,support is really good,also it easy to use and unlike some other bots out there add free. il rate it as following user friendly 10/10 bug fixes 9/10 support 10/10* system requirements 7/10** *nice to have personal support and not automated crap **could use a small ram useage tweak to be honest do,help us heavy gamers i hope to see in the future implemented coffee dispenser. possibility to run in more common browsers as implemented tool. ~Alex de Vries,aka Na'ly KalZul~"
Alex de Vries

Allen Mac Donell Product: City Master

"I was skeptical at first, so many scams out there that take your cash and give you nothing or a substandard product, but Botoholic delivered where so many others had failed. My city grew, my funds kept coming in, when there was an issue there was a fast patch to correct any issues. This is NOT A SCAM. These guys and their bots are the real deal and with their 24 hour refund policy how can you possibly go wrong?"
Allen Mac Donell

Rick Allen Product: Farming Master

"I love botaholics Farming Master because it helps me when i'm not around it it's amazing because i've tried other bots but they never worked except this one!!! I hope you choose botohalic for the best experience!"
Rick Allen

Karyn Warren Product: Frontier Master

"I saw the link on Facebook for an auto gift receiving program. Seeing as though I have quite a number of neighbors who send gifts each day I really thought this would save me some time, so I downloaded the GiftBox+. The program is amazing. It automatically accepts my gifts and returns gifts to people who have requested one from me. For me it makes Frontierville a lot more fun, as it allows more time to spend on the Frontier rather that the long process of receiving gifts one by one. I recommend this product to everyone!!"
Karyn Warren

Charles Carroll Product: Cooking Master

"I have been using Cooking Master for a few months now, not only am I caught up with most of my friends. But I can afford to expand my cafe and design it without the worry of money. This has helped me stay on top of my dishes without spoiling. I really cannot imagine playing without it."
Charles Carroll

Karen McAlhaney Product: Cooking Master

"I love Botoholic. By using it, I have been able to breeze through these catering orders. Some of the foods have a very short cooking time, and by using Botoholic, I can go to work, and noy worry about my food spoiling. This the the best program ever!!"
Karen McAlhaney

Kyon Hikarigi Product: Cooking Master

"It's just so easy to use! Your normal basic stove just transforms into a lightning stove. Just click on all the stoves and cook what you want, and it'll all finish gathering in a minute. Saves you so much time! You also don't have to download any other external bypass or whatsoever fake programs, that won't work. Just the Cooking Master is good enough. Though it lags from time to time, it's definitely worth the purchase for lazy people like me. *shy* Thank you BOTOHOLIC ! - Kyon"
Kyon Hikarigi

-Adrian Xenophilius- Product: Cooking Master

"I adrian from Indonesia, I think it BOTOHOLIC really helped me, because I do not have that much time to play cafe world on facebook every day. besides helping also to make friends impressed, because I always cook every day even though I continued to work everyday thank you"
-Adrian Xenophilius-

Jane Takimoana Product: Cooking Master

"I like this product as your food never goes rotten & it cooks the food you setup automatically, so you never lose any money or any food, you never miss out on anything as this product is setup to work even wile your not logged in, you cant ask for a better product ay BOTOHOLIC"
Jane Takimoana

Robert Williams Product: Farming Master

"the Farming Master really can save me a LOT of clicking, i have a lot of plots on my farm, somewhere in the 150 range, and sometimes i would run out of fuel, which makes things very difficult because on top of that i have a lot of animals (around 50 not in buildings) and about 100 trees (and my farm is still growing! EEP!) but this bot can turn a 300 click checkup into just a few clicks, and i get to relax because i can see it working and tell it to stop at any time, on top of the fact that i can do the work too and help it out. this bot has helped me free up a lot of time, and for that, i am very happy :) I never believe these testimonials usually lol and now I'm giving one. Thank You Botoholic! P.S. i wouldn't mind if in a future release you made one that runs in the background like i saw in the videos for earlier versions, the added browser portion just doesn't appeal to me, but i still use it."
Robert Williams

Rakesh Sharma Product: Farming Master

"This is extremely faboulous... I like automation but thi is something you have very different... I love this site and there tools... Thanks a Lot..."
Rakesh Sharma

Judy Smith Product: Frontier Master

"I am currently using the Gift Box plus. Being a grandmother and new to all of this, I am not that computer literate. The process was easy and fast. My grandaughter only plays when she comes to our home and sometimes she has a couple of hundred gifts to download. Being that she is only 6 she has no interest in clicking and accepting on after the other (neither do I). I am able to get her downloaded in a few minutes. I had one problem when I emailed Support, they answered quickly and guided me through the process. I am looking forward to using more apps Judy"
Judy Smith

Oliver Robson Product: Farming Master

"I think this product is an absolute must-have item for any competitive farmer, this saves time and effort. Some may say what's the point if you have a bot doing it for you, I say it just adds a little more competition to the game. Overall in the 10 minute demo I got, I was extremely impressed and can't wait to try the Cafe Master!"
Oliver Robson

Peggy Buckland Product: Cooking Master

"What inticed me about BOTOHOLIC was the catchy name. After using the Cooking Master product for a couple of days, I was hooked. My levels grow quickly, I have Mastered many recipes. The bonus item of Gift Box is great! I just sign-in and all my gifts are accepted and I don't have to go through all the time wasting process of clicking myself. Great product"
Peggy Buckland

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